How to Remove Stickers from Mac

Have you used stickers on your Mac as an art lover or as a mark of identification, and now you want to remove stickers from Mac? Here’s how to do that. Stickers look beautiful when we initially apply them on the Mac, but they fade out after some time, and the laptop looks unprofessional.

There are many ways to remove stickers from Mac. We’ll see how you can easily peel off your stickers from your Mac and also how you can remove residue that sticks on your Mac after removing the stickers.

Let’s get started on it.

Things you Should keep in Mind When Removing Stickers from Mac

There are some precautions you should know before removing stickers from your Mac. These precautions can help your device to be longer lasting. 

  • Don’t apply or spray liquids directly on Your Mac, as it can harm the hardware.
  • Make sure you use lintfree cloth for Solvents or any other liquid substance.
  • You should wait some time after using any liquid substance on your Mac, as it takes some time to work.
  • Don’t ever apply any force while removing the residue of stickers. Always Rub gently with a lint-free cloth.

How Difficult is to Remove Stickers from Mac

Removing stickers from your Mac is relatively easy. The older the sticker is, the more difficult it is to remove. You can’t peel off old stickers as they stay on the device longer.

As we know, apple always recommends against using any solvent or liquid directly on Apple products. But still, we can use these liquids cautiously to clean up your Mac stickers. Also, you can use some famous products to remove stickers. Some popular products are Goo Gone and Liquid Sticker Remover.

Let’s discuss all the methods to remove stickers from a Mac.

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How to Remove Stickers from Mac

There are four different methods to take off stickers without damaging your Mac. You may need equipment like a Hair dryer or Heat Gun, Liquid, and a LintFree cloth.

1. Scrape Off Stickers Gently

In this method, you can peel off the stickers as you apply them. Scraping off will only work if you used the sticker recently. But if the sticker is old, it will leave residue in the place where you applied it.

Here’s how you can Scrape off stickers gently.

  • Use your finger to scrape off the sticker from a corner.
  • After scraping the corner, pull up the sticker slowly from the peeled corner.
  • Using a Credit card or putty knife can be helpful (Use it carefully as it can scratch the laptop surface).

That’s it. You have removed one of the stickers from your Mac. If the sticker is applied recently, it will not leave any glue on the laptop surface, but its residue will stay there if it’s old.

2. Using Hair Dryer to Remove Stickers

You can try this method if you know when you applied your sticker and it’s more than one year old. As the older stickers can’t be removed by just pulling them up, we must use the hair dryer. Follow the mentioned steps to do that.

  • Apply the hair dryer on the stickers for about 30-45 seconds.
  • Peel off the sticker from a corner.
  • Now, pull up the sticker from the corner slowly.

Your sticker will be removed easily. As we have applied heat to the sticker, it will break the bond of glue and sticker. The glue will still be on the laptop’s surface; you must remove it using liquid or solvent. You can also use the scotch Packing tape to remove residue with the hair dryer.

3. Try Solvent for Old Stickers

As your stickers are aged, you can use solvent instead of a hair dryer. This method is more recommended than the hair dryer. The solvent doesn’t damage the surface of the laptop. It directly hurts the bond of glue and stickers. The solvents can be Goo Gone, isopropyl Alcohol or Vinegar.

  • Get a Lintfree cloth and Solvent (Isopropyl Alcohol recommended).
  • Apply solvent on the Lintfree cloth.
  • Use the wet cloth on the corner of the sticker.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Now, peel off the sticker from a corner. 

After applying a wet cloth, the sticker will most likely peel off automatically. Make sure you don’t use liquid directly on your Mac.

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4. Use Abrasives

Abrasives can help take off stickers from your Mac. Not every abrasive material is helpful, as strong abrasives can damage your laptop’s surface. You can use mild abrasives to remove stickers. Some of the abrasive materials you can use are these:

  • Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda
  • Magic Erasers

Apply any of the above abrasives directly on your Mac. Wait for some time, and now peel off the stickers from your Mac. Some abrasives work perfectly while peeling stickers slowly.

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Mac

Suppose there is any sticky residue left on your Mac after removing stickers. You can use the microfibre cloth with the water to remove it. If this doesn’t work, you can use any liquid material, including vinegar, Goo Gone, and Tea Tree Oil

After this, your Macbook will be sticker-free and look shiny and professional.


As discussed, different methods exist to remove stickers from Mac. You can try anyone according to your preferences. Some ways are more costly, while some are free. These methods can also remove stickers from your other devices and electronics.

Now, You are aware of removing stickers from Mac and how to eliminate any residual adhesive left behind by the stickers effectively.

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