How to Italicize on Mac

Mac offers many keyboard shortcuts to format the text. If you are writing a document, you may need to italicize some important words. You can italicize the words in MS Word or any other application from the available options.

There are different methods to italicize on Mac. Some are: 1) Keyboard shortcut, 2) Markdown, 3) HTML Edit. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

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How to Italicize on Mac

These three methods are helpful while italicizing the words on Mac. Follow the steps below.

1. Keyboard Shortcut

Mac provides a range of keyboard shortcuts to facilitate text formatting. The keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keys used for various purposes. Here’s a keyboard shortcut to italicize on Mac.

  • Select the word that you want to italicize.
  • Now, press the Command + I to italicize selected words.
  • Your selected words will be in italics.

You have successfully italicized on Mac. This shortcut works on all the applications.

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2. MarkDown

Markdown is a popular lightweight markup language frequently employed for text formatting online. When working with Markdown, creating italicized text is a simple process. You can achieve it by enclosing the desired text within either asterisk (*) or underscores (_):

To emphasize a word or a phrase, simply wrap it with a single asterisk or underscore on both sides, as demonstrated here: *italic* or _italic_.

Markdown is extensively utilized in web development and various blogging platforms, rendering it a flexible and widely adopted choice for crafting online content.


For those who work with HTML code, you can use HTML tags to italicize text. Here’s how to do it:

Enclose Text in <em> Tags: Surround the text you want to italicize with <em> tags. For example, <em>italic text</em>.

HTML offers precise control over text formatting and is essential for web development and page creation.

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Keyboard shortcuts for Mac

These are some essential keyboard shortcuts used in formatting text on macOS. These include Bolding text, Underlining text, italic text, and much more.

  • BOLD: Use Command + B to bold the highlighted text in any application on Mac.
  • Underline: Use Command + U to underline the highlighted text on the Mac.
  • Italicize: Use Command + I to italicize the highlighted text on Mac.
  • SuperScript: Use Ctrl + Shift + Command ++ to add the superscript.
  • SubScript: Use Ctrl + Command +- to add subscript.
  • Increase Font Size: Use Command + Shift + “+” to increase the font size of your highlighted text.
  • Decrease Font Size: Use Command + Shift + “-” to decrease the font size of your highlighted text.
  • Insert Line break: Use Command + Return to insert a line break. 


The information to italicize the words on Mac is really important for creating professional documents and formatting the text for the web. Mac offers several methods for italicizing text, but the keyboard shortcut is the most efficient and straightforward. 

So, whether you’re writing reports, designing web pages, or simply sending stylish emails, you now have the knowledge and tools to italicize on Mac.

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