Most Anticipated MacOS Sonoma Features: A Round-up

macOS Sonoma is the new version of macOS in town, and, of course, you must be impatient to upgrade your Mac and try the macOS sonoma features.

Luckily, you don’t need to wait for the official public release in fall later this year, you can install the beta version released on June 5, 2023. This beta version is available to anyone with a free Developer account. And here’s how to install macOS Sonoma right now:

  • Verify if your Mac is capable of running macOS 14
  • Prepare your Mac for installation by decluttering your computer and backing up the most critical data.
  • To start the installation process, register as an Apple Developer by visiting Apple’s Developer website. Go to the Account page and register. Then, head to the Apple menu > System Settings > General > Software Update. Here, look for the “i” icon and choose macOS Sonoma Developer Beta from the menu. After you have enabled beta upgrades, head to the Software Update screen. macOS Sonoma will be available for download, and then click the Upgrade button.
  • Restart your computer to finish the process.

Once macOS 14 is installed, look forward to the following features:

Most Anticipated MacOS Sonoma Features: A Round-up

1. Desktop widgets

macOS Sonoma introduces significant improvements in the capabilities of widgets. There’s a new widget gallery where you can add third-party and native widgets. They are interactive, allowing you to perform tasks like turning lights on/off or checking off a Reminder list.

The desktop widgets fade in the background whenever you open a window, use an app, or use Stage Manager. When they fade, they react to the wallpaper’s colors.

Furthermore, this macOS version lets you add iPhone widgets, even if they are not installed on the Mac.

2. Slow-motion screensavers

Slow-motion screensavers are the latest addition, and it showcases different locations worldwide. But that’s not the most intriguing thing about them.

As soon as you log into your computer, the screensavers transform into the desktop background.

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3. Improvements to video conferencing

Fresh features for improved video conferencing are added in macOS Sonoma, be it third-party tools like Zoom or native tools like FaceTime.

The Presenter Overlay is one such addition. This ensures you remain engaged even when you are sharing your screen. You can choose between small or large size options. The smaller overlay appears in a movable bubble over the shared screen, while the larger overlay focuses on you while the screen is displayed in a distinct layer.

Video conferences can be further enhanced by adding reactions that fill the camera frame with exciting 3D AR effects. Also, there’s a new screen-sharing picker to let you share multiple apps or a single app from the window you are currently in.

4. Game Mode

The Game Mode feature promises amazing enhancements to the gaming experience. The feature automatically assigns top priority to games on the GPU and CPU while decreasing the usage of background tasks.

Additionally, it decreases latency when using controllers, AirPods, or other wireless accessories.

So, if you have prayed that Apple makes the gaming experience more immersive and responsive, Game Mode is your answer.

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5. Safari updates

Safari is Apple’s default browser, and with every new macOS release, the browser receives significant upgrades. It is no different with macOS Sonoma.

With the new macOS version, Safari gets profiles that are coming to other Apple platforms as well. Profiles allow you to keep your extensions, browsing history, cookies, Tab Groups, and favorites separate for personal and work use.

The browser now has enhanced search capabilities, and you can now add websites to the Dock, making them a web app.

6. PDF enhancements

Apple handles PDFs better than its counterparts. With macOS Sonoma, Apple has improved AutoFill so that you can complete forms using Saved Contacts information. Also, full-width PDF documents can be easily viewed with the Notes app.

7. Easier screen sharing

Work-from-home has put an enhanced focus on screen sharing for collaboration, team meetings, team training, etc. But many people complained that screen sharing on Mac was not very intuitive because one has to click around to enable it, select a screen, and then ask the participants whether they can see the screen.

Apple has had enough of this awkwardness. With macOS Sonoma, they have made screen sharing user-friendly. You can see when you are sharing the screen within a new video menu with the label “Currently Sharing.” You will even get a preview of what others are seeing when you share your screen.

A new screen-sharing button is also added, and this lets you start sharing from any application you are in. You can share multiple windows, a single window, or multiple apps simultaneously.

Users of Macs with M-series chipsets will be privy to the new mode within the Screen Sharing application that allows them to get remote access to their computer when they’re away.


These are the top macOS Sonoma features that you will get to use, and these will indeed enhance your Mac experience.

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