How to Make icons Bigger on Mac

In macOS, we can customize the desktop icons according to our requirements as some people need more prominent icons to see icons properly. Small icons make your desktop more elegant while bigger icons are easy for children and old people. Also, the small icons allow you to store more icons and files on a mac desktop.

Here’s a proper step-by-step guide to making icons bigger on mac. You can also customize the space between the columns on the desktop on mac.

How to Make icons Bigger on Mac

To make icons bigger on mac, follow the below steps.

  • Open the view options by hitting the Command + J while you are on the desktop.
  • Now, drag the icon slider to the left to make the icons smaller and to the right to make icons bigger on mac.

As you drag the slider the icons will shrink or expand according to your slider movement. Icon’s size will be bigger or smaller on your movement.

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How to Change the text Size on Desktop on Mac

If your desktop icons have a smaller text size and you are unable to view the text properly, you can make it bigger. Follow the below steps to make it bigger.

  • Hit Command + J to view the desktop options.
  • Now, Select the number from the drop-down in front of the Text Size to adjust the text of icons on the desktop.

Your desktop icon text will be changed immediately.

How to Change the Grid Spacing between icons on a Desktop

To change the grid spacing between the column on the desktop of mac, you can change it. Follow the below steps to change the grid spacing.

  • Go to Show View options by hitting Command + J or right-click on the desktop and select Show View Options.
  • Now, drag the slider to right or left to increase or decrease the grid spacing between the columns on the desktop.

After adjusting the grid spacing according to your requirement. you can close the window to save the grid spacing. Now, you know how to change icon size, text size, and grid spacing on a desktop of a mac.

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Umar Farooq
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