How to Fix Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On

In this Modern era, where gaming is the passion for every age group. No one can get a gaming guy out from the gaming except the Xbox 360 Controller that won’t turn on.

Here we will troubleshoot why Xbox 360 Controller won’t turn on. We will walk you through the process from the easiest thing that affects it to the hardest thing.

Some Common Reasons for Xbox 360 Controller won’t turn on

There are some solid reasons which cause the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on. Some of them are batteries, charge and Play Kit. Some of these are easy to fix but some are difficult because they are bit technical.

  • Battery: A most common reason of Xbox 360 for no turning on is dead batteries. Try to replace the pair of battery with the new one or charge it for a while.
  • Corrosion & Contacts: Check the battery contacts are rubbed or not. Also, check if there is any corrosion on the springs of Xbox 360 where the battery box is connected.
  • Defected Charging Cable: Try any other charging cable of Xbox 360. Sometimes, Defected charging cable cause the Xbox to turn off
  • Hardware Fault: It is a possible cause that the inner part of the controller maybe damaged or defected.
  • Firmware Problems: If any updates are interrupted, it may also cause Controller to turn off.

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How to Fix Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On

These are some common solutions to fix the xbox 360 controller won’t turn on. The limit of controllers to be connected with the xbox is 4. So, make sure your controller is within the allowed limit.

1) Use Fresh Batteries

Dead Batteries can cause the controller to turn off. Here are some steps you can perform to make sure that your batteries are performing well.

  • Back off the Battery pack and get batteries out from the Battery Box.
  • Use the new pair of batteries and charge it for a while.
  • Try to turn on the Xbox and check if it turns on or not.

If it is still not able to power on then perform the steps mentioned below.

2) Use New Battery Box & Clean Corrosion on Xbox Back

Sometimes, the battery Box also makes some issues which don’t allow the Xbox controller to turn on.

  • Get a new Xbox 360 controller Battery Box.
  • Put the new pair of batteries in that box and try it with the Controller.
  • Also, Check if there is any corrosions on Springs where we put the battery box.
  • Clean the Corrosions with the ear buds using white vinegar.

Now, try to turn on the Xbox Controller. If still it is not turning on then try rubbing a sandpaper on the spring for a while. Put the battery pack again in the controller and try to turn it on. If it doesn’t help then try the method described below.

3) Disable Interferences Connection

You can also try disabling the interferences connection between the Xbox and Controller. This may also fix the issue of controller that is not tuning on.

  • Turn your Console off for 5 seconds and then reconnect the controller with the console.
  • Press and Hold the “X” button on the controller.
  • Also, press the connect button on the front of console.
  • Press the Connect Button on your controller within 20 seconds after pressing the Xbox button.
  • If the lights stop blinking then your controller is connected to the Xbox 360 Console.
  • Make sure the controller is in the range of the Xbox console.

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4) Reset Your Xbox 360 Controller

If all the above methods are unable to turn your xbox 360 controller on then you need to reset your Xbox 360. Please be aware that it is not recommended by Microsoft. Follow the below steps to reset you Xbox 360.

  • Hold the “Sync” button that is on the front of the Xbox for 30 seconds.
  • Make sure that Xbox is turned on.
  • After pressing the button for 30 seconds, the lights will blink and turn off.
  • Remove all the input devices that are connected to Xbox. Also, unplug the power plug from the switch.
  • After the 5 minutes, connect the power plug to the switch and connect all input devices. Also, try to connect Xbox 360 controller to the console.

That’s it. You have successfully reset your Xbox 360.

5) Hardware Fault

Sometimes, the XBOX 360 controller won’t turn on because it is broken from the inside. Maybe your Xbox controller is broken and you don’t know about that. You can check it by opening the screws of Controller with a Screw driver.

Check out this video to fix hardware issues of the xbox 360 controller.

If still your Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on then you need to talk to the Microsoft Help Service or you have to buy a new controller.

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