How to make a shortcut on snapchat in 3 easy steps

The Snapchat is an awesome app to stay always in touch with your friends. In snapchat, media called streak disappears is really enjoying. This revolutionary concept is unique among all the other social apps and used very well in the whole world. Snapchat introduces new concepts from time to time. Previously, they have launched some cool features like minis and games. Here is a really helpful feature of snapchat that is “snapchat shortcuts”. In this guide, We will show you how to make a shortcut on snapchat.

How to make a shortcut on snapchat.

We can just create the snapchat shortcuts in the android/ios application. This shortcut provides the feature to send a single streak to a multiple people.

Step 1: Create shortcut

First of all, open the snapchat app and capture your snap you want to send. Now click on the “Send To” button.

Now click on the search bar. You don’t need to type anything on the bar. You will see a “create shortcut” button appears. Click on the create shortcut button under the search bar.

After clicking the “create shortcut”, you will see a dialog box open with the information about the feature.

Click on okay and you will be forwarded to the next page.

Step 2: Choose your emoji and contacts

Here you have to choose a group of people whom you can send a single streak at the same time simultaneously. Also, here you have to choose a custom emoji to remember the group of persons.

This emoji will work as the name of the group. Snapchat does not allow us to use text as the shortcut name. Click on the “choose emoji” and select the emoji you want as a group name. Also select the contacts which you want to add in the group.

Select emoji and contacts

To differentiate between different groups, use emojis wisely. Try to select the emoji of a group that shows the people of that group.

Step 3: Create shortcut

Now click on the create shortcut and the shortcut will be available to you on your next streak.

When you are done with the creaton of shortcut group, it will start appearing at the “send to” list. If you select the emoji during the snap, snapchat will automatically select the contacts of that group.

Create shortcut

How many people you can add in a single shortcut?

There is no limit on the number of contacts you can add in a single shortcut. Also, there is no official statement from the snapchat about this. But probabl, you can add 200 contacts in a single shorcut. If you add more then 200, the app will not let you to create the shortcut.

Does anyone in the group know about my shortcut?

No, Except you no one know about the shortcuts. This is totally private to you. Also, In the shortcut, no ones know that they are in a shortcut. According to receiver, they do not know that they receive streak from the shortcut. They will just receive direct snap.

That’s it. Hopefully you now know how to make a snapchat shortcut and this article helped you.

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