How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on Mac

When we use adobe products, we sometimes get a popup of a message saying we are not using a genuine product from adobe. It is a warning that warns us to get rid of that fake software.

Many users get this problem even with legitimate adobe products. So let’s see how to disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on mac. AGS checks software authenticity but can be disabled if necessary.

Let’s get into it.

How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on Mac

Encounter Adobe’s authenticity checks on Mac? Learn how to disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service (AGS) effortlessly. Follow these steps to rid yourself of pesky pop-ups and understand the implications.

Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service (AGS) is a built-in feature that verifies Adobe software authenticity on Mac and Windows. While designed to prevent piracy, users may encounter issues even with legitimate software. Follow these steps to disable AGS on Mac:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Genuine Service.
  2. Locate AdobeCleanUpUtility and execute the uninstallation process.
  3. If the uninstall option is unavailable or ineffective, manually delete AdobeGCCClient from Applicationsupport/Adobe.

Removing AGS doesn’t compromise system safety and alleviates persistent pop-ups, enhancing user experience.

What to Do if You Don’t see an Uninstall Option or it Doesn’t Work

If you are unable to uninstall AGS for any reason, then there is one more way to uninstall AGS. In this method, you have to find the AGS executable file and delete it to uninstall the AGS from your mac. This method will surely work for anyone using any mac model.

Simply go to the finder and locate the AdobeGCCClient. You can also search for it by pressing Command + Space. You will find it in the Applicationsupport/Adobe. When you found that just delete that and the AGS problem will be solved. Make sure you remove the application from the trash.

This will disable adobe genuine software integrity service on mac.

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What is Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

As we know how you can disable adobe genuine software integrity service on mac. Now, let’s see what it is and why adobe uses it. Adobe does not use it only on mac devices, this issue also happens with windows users. They also have to disable it to get rid of this.

The AGS Service is the service used by adobe to periodically check if the adobe software is genuine and purchased from adobe or if it is pirated software.

If anyone uses pirated software for their work then they should always be ready for the potential risk of data loss or malware in their computer. This also causes your software may not to work properly nor you can contact or get customer support from adobe as you don’t have the license of purchase.

There are plenty of websites providing adobe software free to the users and this software also works properly in the early time but this may give your computer access to hackers.

Removing AGS is Safe or Not

As we have described adobe only uses AGS to detect the software license and to protect the user from pirated software. So, you can understand that there is no problem in removing the AGS from your mac.

This does not protect you from malware or virus, this only detects the software is legitimate. If you are using legitimate software then you can ensure yourself that there will be no potential risk to your data or mac. Adobe also says that it is ok if you disable genuine software integrity service on mac.

They are also providing the uninstaller of AGS to uninstall it. There’s no problem with removing it.

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Will AGS Show up Again

If we install or update adobe products then it will again ask for the AGS. You should click on no if you see the popup again. you can also uncheck the box that says you want to install the AGS. You need to delete AGS again if you unintentionally installed it again on your mac.

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