How to Use Discord Spoiler Tag

The discord is considered to be the best place to chat with your friends having the same mind. Discord is a community-based platform used by gamers to chat as a community. In discord server, all your messages are not for everyone in the community; fortunately, there is something that is called Spoiler Tag in discord to hide your messages.

In discord messaging, Spoiler Tag adds formatting to your messages in browser or Discord apps like android and iPad.

How to Add a Discord Spoiler Tag to Text Messages.

There are many ways to add a discord spoiler tag to text messages. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to add a discord Spoiler Tag to text messages. It includes all the discord apps browsers and window or mac apps.

To add a Spoiler Tag on a text message, add “/spoiler” at the beginning of the message. By using “/spoiler” at the beginning of any message will tell the discord server to hide the message until the recipient wants to see it.


There is also a second method to use spoiler tags in the discord server that is to type two vertical bars at the start and end of the message. For example, “||How to use spoiler tags ||” will display a discord spoiler tag on the message.

Discord Spoiler message

When the recipient clicks on the spoiler message, the message will be shown as a normal message.

How to add a Spoiler Tag to Images or Attachment

Discord server also allows adding Spoiler Tag on images or other attachments you send in a discord server. The above methods are not useful to make images or attachments as Spoiler Tag because there is a different method to make images or attachments as a Spoiler. Unlikely, the Spoiler Tag can only be used on browsers and windows or mac apps for images and attachments. The android and ios apps did not support spoiler tags for images and attachments.

To make an image or other attachments as a spoiler, you have to select the attachment or image by clicking on “+” or you can also drag and drop the file.

Discord attachment upload

A preview of your attachment will be shown before you send the attachment. Click on the “Mark as spoiler” checkbox to send an attachment as a spoiler. Click on Upload to send the attachment.

Discord attachment mark as a spoiler

After the attachment or image will be sent, the spoiler will be shown on the image or attachment. You can click on the spoiler tag to disregard the spoiler view.

Discord Spoiler Tag Image

This will show the original image in the normal format.

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