How to put programs to sleep in Windows 10

If you are using windows 10 and feel that your computer is running slow than usual, your background apps may be the issue of this. We can put programs to sleep in windows 10 that will increase the computer performance. One way to disable/enable the programs in windows is using Task Manager. But it only works temporarily. There are some tasks that are running in the background, even you are not using them. For Example, the antivirus software is always running in the background to protect the computer from viruses.

Same as antivirus some apps are always running in the background even you don’t know them or even you don’t use them for even a single time. These programs drain your battery fast and slow the processing speed of your computer because they consume the RAM, and CPU of your computer consistently.

Follow these steps to put programs to sleep in Windows 10.

  • Open Settings and go to Privacy.
  • Select background apps in the left panel.
  • Turn off the apps which you don’t use or put all background apps to sleep.

How to put programs to sleep in windows 10

There are multiple methods to do this and all of them are really simple, you don’t need to be a computer techy to do this. Read the further guide to know the steps.

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1. Disable Background Apps

In this method, We will completely off the background apps using the settings app of windows 10.

Step 1: Open Settings

Click on the start button at the left bottom-left corner, a bunch of options will be visible click on the “settings

Open Settings

Step 2: Open Privacy

In the setting, click on the “privacy” option to open the privacy setting of the computer.

Open Privacy

Step 3: Background apps

In the left panel, scroll down to the end and you will see an option “Background apps“. Click on the option and a new window will open.

Open Background apps

Step 4: Choose the Option

Here you will see the two options.
One is to disable all the apps. If you disable the Background Apps, all apps will close immediately when you close them. None of the apps will run in the background.

Disable Background apps

On the other hand, you can select the apps that are allowed to run in the background. Select the apps that you want to run in the background. If you disable the app that will not refresh in the background.

Select apps

It’s done. This is how to put programs to sleep in windows 10.

2. Disable programs from startup Manager

The above method is for universal apps. Some programs on your computer might run during the startup of Windows and you surely don’t need them. In this method, you will know how to disable the apps that run after the startup of the window using the “Task Manager

Step 1: Open Task Manager

The first step is to go to “Task Manager“. Click on the taskbar and a menu will appear. Select the Task Manager option from the options.

Open Task Manager

Step 2: Select Startup

Click on more details at the bottom left. You will see multiple tabs in the Task Manager app. Click on the startup tab, some apps will be shown and these are the apps that run at the start of your computer.

select startup

Step 3: Disable apps

Click on the app you want to disable from the start-up menu. After selecting the app, click on disable.

Select Disable

That’s done. Now your computer performance must be increased and also there will be no apps that are always refreshing in the background.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq
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