How to Charge Macbook Without Charger

The battery is the main thing in any laptop and charging it in a way that the laptop doesn’t lose battery timing is really crucial for every MacBook user. A MacBook battery can last up to 10-15 hours depending on the model you’re using.

According to apple, we are not allowed to use any local charger for the MacBook. So, how can we charge Macbook without charger. Sometimes, our charger is lost or we forget it at home during traveling, if this is the case then here’s how we can easily charge our Macbook without charger.

Let’s get into it.

3 Ways to Charge Macbook Without Charger

Remember, the methods that I will discuss here are not permanent solutions for charging the MacBook. You can use these 3 methods temporarily if you don’t have a MacBook charger.

1. Use a C-Type Cable

You can buy or use an android device charger that has a USB 3.0 to USB type-C charger. You can also use this cable to charge from a PC if you have one near you. Simply plug the cable into a pc that is near you or uses an adapter to charge by using the Type-C cable and the adapter.

This is simple as you charge your iPhone or android using a mobile charger. This method will be slow as it will take time to completely charge your MacBook. This method can only be used when you need to use your MacBook in any emergency and don’t have the MacBook charger. Also, this charging method will be harmful to your MacBook battery if you use it more than once a week.

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2. Use Power Bank

Another method to charge MacBook without a charger is using a power bank. In this case, you need a power bank that has a powerful battery. Just plug in the USB 3.0 to the power bank side and use the other side of the cable (Type-C) to charge your MacBook.

This is simply like you charge your smartphone whether it is an android or iPhone. Most power banks provide 5V of power while the MacBook requires 8v or 12v. To use this method, we need a power bank that is capable of providing 8V or more. The Anker PowerCore+ is suitable for this purpose.

3. Use a Portable Solar Charger

The third method to charge MacBook without charger is to use a portable solar power charger. To use this method for charging your MacBook, you should have one portable solar charger. There are many chargers available in the market that commit to charging phones or laptops using solar energy but very few can do this task.

So, firstly find a charger that can convert solar energy into electricity and then use it to charge your MacBook without a charger. You may also need a cable that can connect the solar adapter to the MacBook for charging.

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Things to Keep in Mind during using these methods

There are a few general tips that you have to keep in mind if you charge macbook without charger using the above methods.

  • If you use a Type-C cable to charge your MacBook by using a PC or any adapter, you may observe potential damage to your MacBook battery. The battery damage may cause battery swelling or battery damage. So, use it in any emergency case.
  • The above methods may work but they will take too long to completely charge the MacBook.
  • These methods are just for temporary purposes when you don’t have the charger and also you’re unable to buy a new charger. So, use these methods for temporary purposes, not long-term ones.

The Intel MacBook can last up to 7-10 hours while the apple silicone mac can last up to 15-20 hours. So, if these methods can help you to complete your charging for one time then you can do all of your emergency work and then get a new apple charger or find an old one if you don’t want to spend money and charge your MacBook further.

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